Aron Gwinner Research Paper

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Aron Gwinner talked about the influence of technology in our lives and its impact on the workforce. Technology is changing drastically on a daily basis and it has blended in with our everyday lives. The tasks that are performed by human beings will be replaced by robots and automated systems, which will help employees cut down business costs. Machines cannot function alone and need help from humans to work. Since people depend on machines to an extent, there will be constant changes and growth in the IT field. This will create more job openings due to the constant enhancements in the IT sector.
Technology has a significant impact on our lives and hence every single thing we do nowadays utilize technology, even though those actions do not require the use of technology. The constant rise in the development of software and applications has led to the development of a society that is frictionless. Various software and applications are used to fulfill the needs of various businesses and people. The success of a business is determined by various factors including efficiency and the effectiveness of the various tactics used. In business, time is money because when you are willing to put in effort and time, you will achieve the results you want to attain.
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One of the most valuable things I learned was that success does not depend on the starting point, but on hard work and determination to attain heights and conquer goals. Arron was a bartender and he has worked hard to be where he is at now regardless of where he started from. The main determinant of success is the amount of effort you put into it and will power, that forces you to not give up. Another important factor is the urge to ask more questions and seek answers even when the answers are obvious. The questions could result in innovative
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