Arranged Marriage Speech

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Good Morning Mr/Madam Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen. Today I, as the second speaker from the affirmative team, will also be arguing about why arranged marriage should be banned. The multiple points I will be discussing today all revolve around the concept of human rights, and how arranged marriage violates them. However, allow me to firstly rebut the points stated by the first speaker of the opposing team.

Harsimrat Kaur Bains is, was a 24 year old Indian girl who had gone through the process of an arranged marriage with a man named Dalvinder Bains in the year 2007. As their marriage progressed, Harsimrat started complaining about the domestic abuse she faced from her husband. She wanted a divorce, a way out of the nightmare she was living. However, she didn’t. Why? She was afraid of shaming her family due to her failed arranged marriage, since divorce is considered a sin in south Asian communities where the practice of arranged marriage is the norm. Therefore, even though she had the ability to end her marriage she stayed in her
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In countries mentioned, after a couple has successfully gone through the process of getting arranged marriage, the male is expected to be the dominant figure and are allowed to have the power over not only the decisions they make, however also the decisions their whole family including their wife and children make. Therefore, the bride and the children may be forced into participating in activities they do not want to, forced to practice religions they refused to or believe in something they strongly don’t. This unfortunate situation also violates two other human rights, which include the right on article 16, which states that men and female have the same rights and power once married, and right on article 18 which states that everyone has the right to believe in what they want to believe and choose a religion based on their
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