Arranged Marriage Vs Love Marriage

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“People in arranged marriages had higher marital satisfaction scores, then the love-married people in India” (Myers, Madathil &Tingle, 2005). Marriage is a life changing decision and a lifelong commitment, that should not be rushed through. People are separated into two groups when it comes to marriage, some favor love and others favor arranged marriages. Furthermore, arranged marriages are usually settled by family members and it involves the unification of both families. Partners get the chance of meeting each other under the supervision of their families. Unlike love marriages, third parties are not involved when starting a relationship. Therefore, some people prefer love marriages for this reason and it grants them the freedom of choosing their spouse, independence and they are not forced by family members. Although, the view of love marriage over arranged sounds convincing at first but, it is not capable of accomplishing a successful marriage, since it is an individual matter, the marriage is not long-lasting and it includes multiple expectations.

First, love marriages grant the opportunity for the person to choose their own partner and everyone else is irrelevant. This can be considered a benefit, since they get the freedom of choice. However, the couple are completely responsible on whatever happens to their marriage since they didn’t get any recommendations from their family. There is less family support in love marriages. On the other hand, arranged marriages
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