Arranged Marriages In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Lord Capulet wants his daughter Juliet to obey him and marry Count Paris, but what Lord Capulet doesn’t know is Juliet is already married to her true love Romeo. Getting married might not always be fun or easy, but it is a life-changing event. The types of marriages depend upon people’s culture, beliefs, and background. Arranged marriages are not seen much today, but the practice still exists in some places such as the Muslim culture. Parents should not be able to choose who their child marries because in some cases the child doesn’t know who they are getting married to, the child might feel as they have lost their rights, and the partners might be incompatible.
Arranged marriages could sometimes be harmful to the partner, such as cases of abuse because the partners don’t know who they are marrying. According to The Indianapolis Star, an Indian women who came to visit her family in Indiana, discovered her mother had picked her lifelong partner when she arrived. The Indianapolis Star says the following, “The marriage would soon turn into a violent and degrading four-month marriage. The man whom the woman was forced to marry was really abusive and demanded everything right then and there, such as round-the-clock household labor” (Indianapolis Star 1).
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“The young couple Rita and Deepak married when their parents chose their lifelong partners. They say that their marriage is great. Studies show that arranged marriages come out to be great in the long run. They also show that 40-50% of all American marriages end in divorce because they don’t always work out for the couple” (Modern Lessons from Arranged Marriages 1). Arranged marriages could be healthier for the children than regular traditional marriages because of all the parent involvement going into
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