Arrive First Theory Case Study

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Arrive First Theory A company who is being a first company to introduce a new product or brand in market is considered as the first-mover and it fulfills the Arrive First Theory. As a first-mover in market, there are many advantages due to the new exposure by creating new idea to the society. Firstly, the first-mover is more than enough to handle the risks that are brought from their potential rivals. By applying Arrive First Theory, the first-mover is confidence enough to develop their new markets in the unfamiliar geographical regions due to the customers had been familiar with the company’s new products and loyal or satisfied customers will not spend time on analyzing and comparing an identical product from different companies. The first-mover company is able to capture the satisfaction of a…show more content…
For example, the first entrant will spend large amount in investing the new product for the purpose of alluring customers. Investing heavily through conducting researches, implementing and development might not be avoided for getting the attractions in new market. Late entrants are able to take the development information of the first movie as guidelines for avoiding making mistake in future. Once the first mover become complacent, it keeps it ticking over. For example, Sony Ericsson was the most well-known mobile company in the development of leading attractive appearances and functions in Malaysia for the past 10 years. However, normal mobile phone did not fit the satisfaction of current customers nowadays. Smart phone companies like Iphone and Samsung are totally nominated the market. The K Series or Walkman Series only became the memories for certain group of customers. It can be said that smart phone company is able to fit the market structure at the right time due to the functions of smart phone became the most advanced technology for society

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