Arrogance In Into The Wild

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Using evidence from the story I can clearly state that Chris McCandless from “Into the Wild” was full of braveness and courage, as well as arrogance and stubbornness. The last time his parent saw him alive he was muscular, clean shaven, and fresh off a college diploma. When he died he was skin and bone and had a very shaggy beard. He had so much to live for and threw it all away to follow his dreams.
As has been noted in the previous paragraph Chris McCandless was a brave human being. Chris made an impact in life as well as on the trail. On page 3 it said that “Chris excelled academically and had been an elite athlete.” Although he didn’t run in college, he was the captain of his cross country team at Woodson High School in Virginia. While
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Chris displayed his arrogance all throughout his journey. His arrogance from the start was that he didn’t rely on Human materials. Humankind may not make things perfect every time but they make things because they need them. So Chris was being very arrogant by not using the things created just for his purpose by thinking he could do everything on his own and in the end that was what got him killed. But by the same standard anyone can understand Chris’s thinking. He wanted to ditch his old life so maybe he was trying to cut off ties to the world as well. If you take that the wrong way his death may seem like suicide suddenly, but from many other papers that is not implied. The majority think that it was just an unfortunate few events that led to his death. If Chris would have taken a few more resources his life possibly would have lasted longer than it did, and using his story wrote an inspiration book. But he died, so there’s no reason to play the game of “what-if” because it could go an infinite number of ways. His last major sign of arrogance shone once he got to Alaska and Jim Gallien dropped him off. He shook off Jim’s warning as well as other gear and proceeded to wander close to his
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