Arrogance In Julius Caesar

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In “The Life of Caesar” by Suetonius, Julius Caesar is a clean-cut man with astounding endurance, incredible strength and determination, and great arrogance. Caesar is very skillful in showing powers of endurance. For example, the author writes, “He always led his army, more often on foot than in the saddle, went bareheaded in sun and rain alike, and could travel for long distances at incredible speed in a gig, taking very little luggage”(201). His forbearance becomes obvious in the fact that he is able to retain such self-control and tolerance in unpleasant situations. In addition, Julius Caesar has the amazing ability to exert strength during times that require much determination. The author describes an instance when Caesar swims a great distance while “holding his left hand above water the whole way to keep certain documents dry”(202).…show more content…
On the other hand, Caesar reveals intense arrogance through his actions toward the Roman Republic. The author asserts, “What made matters worse was a persistent rumour that Caesar intended to move the seat of government to Troy or Alexandria, carrying off all the national resources, drafting every available man in Italy for military service, and letting his friends govern the city”(206). He expresses selfishness and inconsideration in his willingness to sanction such negative effects upon the people of Rome, further promoting his egotistical attitude. Overall, Julius Caesar is an enduring, determined, and arrogant man with many other positive and negative
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