Arsenic And Old Lace Analysis

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Frank Capra’s wild, hilarious, and dark comedy film Arsenic and Old Lace is one of his best works yet. It was made in 1944.This movie is very hilarious, especially the interactions of the characters in the film. The characters were well casted especially the Brewster sisters who were hysterical. Cary Grant who played Mortimer is very funny. His facial expressions were very funny especially when the old man tried to drink the wine. The opening credits of the movie showed drawings of witches and cats because it is indicating that it is Halloween time. The Brewster family mansion is in the Brooklyn neighborhood. Mortimer’s (Cary Grant) two gentle aunts are the dearest, sweetest, kindest old women that ever walked the earth. The aunts live…show more content…
Mr. Gibbs looked at the sign in front of the house and wondered about the room for rent. This is a very hilarious part, when Mortimer accidently poured himself a glass of wine and almost took a sip his aunts said “no” then he put it down. The elderly man almost took a sip but Mortimer caught him and chased him out of the house. “Get out of here. Do you want to be poisoned? Do you want to be murdered?” The next interesting characters that came in the next scene are Jonathan Brewster (Raymond Massey) and Dr. Einstein (Peter Lorre). Jonathan Brewster resembles a monster Frankenstein. “Doctor” Herman Einstein is a plastic surgeon. Jonathan Brewster is Mortimer brother. Jonathan is cold-blooded killer, murderous, and insane. They need to find time for another face changing operation. The aunts and Mortimer want them gone and never come back. The Silhouettes of Dr. of Einstein and Jonathan remind the audience of a horror movie. Similar to a classic horror film called Frankenstein. The aunts murdered twelve and so did Jonathan. However, Jonathan wanted thirteen, he was jealous of his aunts. He had an idea of whom he wants for his thirteenth victim. He wanted his brother Mortimer to be the thirteenth
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