Arsenic And Old Lace Foreshadowing Analysis

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What is foreshadowing? Foreshadowing is presenting an indication or suggestion beforehand. Foreshadowing occurs everyday but just goes unnoticed. Many of the main characters in Arsenic and Old Lace display foreshadowing throughout the play. Johnny shows more examples of foreshadowing than the other characters in the play. Jonathan does not show up until the end of Act 1 in the play. The foreshadowing concerning Jonathan begins before his arrival. Elaine is telling Mortimer how good and how fond Teddy is of him. Mortimer then says “Well Teddy was always my favorite brother.” Elaine says “ Favorite? We're there more of you?” “There's another brother—Jonathan.” Mortimer also said “We don't like to talk about Jonathan. He left Brooklyn very early— by request. Jonathan was the kind of boy who liked to cut worms in two— with his teeth.” Right there it sets the scene for Jonathan's arrival. …show more content…

And you, Aunt Martha, still the high collar–to hide the scar where Grandfather’s acid burned you.” The two aunts are stunned but still do not recognize his face. Aunt Martha says “His voice is like Jonathan's.” Aunt Abby then asks “Have you been in an accident?” Jonathan feels around his face and says “No—my face—Dr. Einstein is responsible for that. He is a plastic surgeon. He changes people’s faces.” After Jonathan says that it makes the reader wonder why Jonathan wanted or needed a face change. Dr Einstein then says “Don't worry ladies. The last five years I give Chonny three new faces.” It is this statement that makes the reader question even further why Johnny would need three new faces. What kind of person needs three new faces in five years? This foreshadows the thought that Johnny Might be criminal of some sort. Abby asks “Well—Jonathan— it's been a long time—where have you been?” “Oh England, South Africa, Australia,—the last

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