Art 21: Video Analysis

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After watching the video Art 21. I deeply agree with Wodiczko’s comment on how people feel more comfortable talking to strangers through the beauty of art, than to talk to love one’s about personal and painful experiences in person. The idea of sharing your story through a monument is an amazing idea because it allows people to speak out and express themselves about the several issues that we as a society are afraid to talk about for the fear of being judged, treated differently or even harassed by the media. One projection that stood out to me was the Tijuana projection that gave a deep insight on what young girls go through in their culture and the emotional pain each and one of them go through. These girls were brave enough to shared their stories with an audience that was interesting in listening to their pain and suffering behind a monument that gave them the courage to speak out. In regards to Wodiczko’s comment it was less embarrassing for the girls to share their stories behind the monument than to talk one on one with a friend or family member without having to worry about being judged, sympathies or just being asked every second if they were okay. I simply loved the idea of the monuments because as a stranger I felt each artist 's pain and…show more content…
Don’t get me wrong I love looking at art, but I also don’t want to be forced to always have to look at pieces of arts in every government building I go into. This is taking about from the experience of what art really means to the people. As one of the other girls mentioned it takes away from the creativity of the artist. No One wants to feel forced to do anything they don’t want. With this being said they are killing the idea that art portrays as being able to express yourself freely. Therefore the NEA needs to step back and let artists choose their own artistic
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