Art Analysis: Femme En Serail By Jean-Leon Gerome

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Jean- Leon Gerome is a French painter, sculpture, and engraver. His works were molded after the neoclassicist and romantic style, what is now referred to as academicism. Gerome used this form to create paintings of people in exotic lands, and was born and raised in Paris, France where he studied under Paul Delaroche. In Paris, he developed his skills by painting portraits and landscapes, being praised by critics for his use of depicting historical events in fine detail. Ultimately curiosity of the world would lead him to seek out other culture to gain inspiration leading him to travel to North Africa and the near east. Here is where he began to hit his mark, painting other cultures as an outsider, and providing context into how others lived. One of these paintings of the oriental was Femme en Serail. The painting depicts a…show more content…
I think of what my family could be doing while I 'm away in college. It 's tempting while I 'm here to think that their lives were put on hold, or that nothing eventful happens when I 'm gone, but time marches on. The woman lounging on the sofa in darkness reminds me that even if you aren’t present for a situation it still occurs. The painting makes me think what was happening around the woman while she was resting that she was missing. In short Femme en Serail is a darker work that seeks its viewer 's own interpretation. Through this painting Gerome offers a glimpse into near eastern culture that many were unfamiliar with. His depiction of the woman shows the humanistic nature of his painting, as the woman is seen as being ordinary. Gerome could have highlighted the difference between the races more in his work, by not doing so he challenges cultural differences and gaps. That maybe we aren’t so different from people even halfway across the
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