Art Analysis Of Picasso's 'Night Fishing In Antibes'

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This artwork is Picasso’s “Night fishing in Antibes” made in 1993. It is oil on paint of a dimension of 6’9” and 11’4”. With a quick glance, many people wouldn’t understand this painting’s meaning at first, some may even disregard it as simply a people fishing. However digging deeper into this painting, there is more foreboding and a significant message than one may think at first.

Picasso creatively uses principles like color, space, shape, balance, form, composition in this artwork. Additionally this artwork showcases concepts that stems from cubism, surrealism and primitivism. Forms look flat and are cut presented geometrically, which make for an interesting composition in the scheme of the painting. It is also through these factors and the subjects that Picasso articulates his story.

Briefly this artwork shows 2 fisherman, one holds a spear, and the other looks over the side of the boat and holds the spear with his foot. The river is of the French Riviera of Antibes. On the far upper left there are structures, which is the Chateau Grimaldi in Spain. Around the fisherman there are months and insects. Above the fisherman it appears to be the moon with a red spiral. On the far right, there are 2 women, where one is on a bicycle eating ice-cream, while the other waves to the fisherman.

Before analysing further into these figures, It is best to understand who Picasso is, and the historical & personal context of the painting. Picasso was one of the most influential and
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