Art Analysis: The Boots Daddy Died In

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Today on Monday 23rd of November I took my children to meet the man that inspired my passion for art and to view his works and hopefully spark an appreciation for art themselves. Randy Burns is a local Artist that displays his work yearly at Dyersburg State Community College. I first saw Randy Burns work while working in the LRC. Each showing he presents a piece of himself that quickly allows his audience to get to know him. His work at the show today his oil painting included portraits of Sci-Fi, landscape, children’s stories. Mr. Burns greeted us and walked us around the first row of his exhibit. We then wandered through the exhibit stopping to look over each painting as if to look through a portal into a new world. The variety of paints made it easy for each of us to find a favorite painting. However, the picture that captured my family’s heart was titled “The Boots Daddy Died In. The canvas displayed boots in the foreground that were wore and muddy. The different shading on the boots gave them implied texture and aging. Out of the boots sprung forth three red flowers. The image almost appeared like flowers on a grave. In the top portion position behind the middle and top of the boots was a faded old…show more content…
Burns. A smile immediately stretched across my face as I saw the balloons dancing across the sky. The title of the painting is Castle Of Dreams and just as you would imagine it is a castle. From the balloons flying away you get the sense that this is Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland. The image as a moat in at the bottom of the page giving the impression that the castle is off a way. There are bright colored flowers that lead your eyes up to the castle. The castle appears large as it takes up the better portion of the painting. Its pointed peaks appear to reach the fluffy white clouds. The base of the castle is surrounded with trees to also add to the sense of
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