Art Analysis: The Two Fridas By Frida Kahlo

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Frida Kahlo created many glorious pieces. One of her most intriguing pieces is The Two Fridas. The image is quite symbolic and meaningful. Kahlo was a Mexican artist greatly known for her self portraits and the pain, passion and feminism of her paintings. The name of the piece I choose to analysis is Las dos Fridas, also known as The Two Fridas. This painting was created in 1939 by Frida Kahlo. Kahlo created this painting shortly after her divorce with her then husband Diego Rivera. It is said that the painting is used to represent the different sole characteristics of Frida. One of the images represents the traditional Frida in Tehuana costume with a broken heart, the other is seen as an modern day independent Frida. The period of the artwork…show more content…
Kahlo used very thin lines to define both the Fridas and aortic valve. This paing had a strong use of implied lines, Frida used implied lines to define the movement and blood flow between the two hearts. She also used them to put influence on the clothing to give them a realistic feel. I didn't see as many shapes as I did line composition. The few shapes I came across throughout the image was an oval and rectangle. The oval is seen as the face of both the Frida and the locket that the modern Frida (left) holds. The rectangle is seen at the bottom of the traditional Fridas (right) dress. I feel like the shape difference is symbolic of the contrast between traditional Frida and modern day Frida. The rectangles represent the stern, strict and precise rules of tradition. There are many components that add to the depth and concept of this picture, for example the color and lighting. The back grounds has a dark greyish manner that adds to the despair of the image. The painting has a mixture of both cool and warm colors.The clouds in the image are an example of negative space contrasting a positive space of both the fridas. The Frida in the right seems to be using more warm colors and cool colors than the one in the left, also it seems to be holding an locket with a picture of young Diego. The harmony is seen in the art work through the flow of the veins of the heart and the embracement of…show more content…
Kahlo was able to have so much depth in her work with the use of essential art elements, mostly implied lines and repetition. Kahlo had personal strategies both physically and psychologically that allowed her to create such emotionally raw images. Her artistic output was dominated by self-portraits that often show how she

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