Art: Ancient Egyptian Art

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Ancient Egyptian Art Nicola Fernando 3895 14th November 2014 Ancient Egyptian Art Egypt is one of the countries that are historically known for various aspects. In addition to other its civilization, the ancient arts of its people have placed the country in the history books. The ancient Egyptian arts are ranked in various categories, with each category showing significant additions to the preceding category (Tiradritti, 2002). It is largely argued that Ancient Egyptian art emerged and took shape during the Nile Valley Civilization. Intended to keep history alive, the art was expressed in paintings and sculptures that were fascinating. The style of representing this art varied from one period to another as artists strived to fascinate the reigning Pharaoh (Robins, 2008). Although major developments occurred in other periods, the Amarna period of art is acknowledged as a period in the history of the Egyptian art. The focus of this paper is to discuss the artistic differences between the Amarna period and the preceding periods. The early ancient Egyptian art was characterized by various factors. One of such characteristics was that a complete and exact depiction of art was preferred to modify and cosmetic depiction. Various existing literature indicate that artists in the early periods focused on the exact representation of nature, and conformed to set rules in three-dimensional depictions of art. The second characteristic is that, the artists followed defined order
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