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As children grow, they develop skills that are later practical for school and eventually for the rest of their life. Art is a tool that can be useful when children are beginning to explore their surroundings and expand their imagination. Although art is vital in a child’s learning process, most parents aren’t aware of the benefits that come when their child is involved in art activities. There are several obstacles that may get in the way of the learning journey of a child. It is up to the parent to find a way to change and direct the correct path in order to help a child become successful. When children are being involved in art activities they obtain several skills that are vital for school and will be able to use for the rest of their life. A child’s success depends on the work a parent is willing to put in. There are times when parents want to be involved in a child’s learning process but find it difficult because of job and house responsibilities. Several parents don’t know the benefits that art brings into a child’s overall way of life.When parents think of art, it is seen as something that is done for fun instead of a learning experience. According to psychologist, Richard Rende, “Nearly 78 percent of moms said they hadn 't heard enough about the academic perks of arts and crafts and they would like more information about non technology-based activities to further a child 's academic development” (Rende). When parents knew of the benefits art brings, they soon

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