Art And Nature In The Middle Ages Essay

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Assignment #1 DMA Exhibit

The exhibit Art and Nature in the Middle Ages highlights the role of visual arts and its constant role in the lives of people during the medieval age. The art work featured in this exhibit highlights animals and plants in various aspects such as on tools, household items, religious pieces, architecture and more. The pieces featured pieces cover a wide range of medias, techniques, that contribute to the multifaceted theme of nature. These items included column capitals, tapestries, treasure boxes, stained glass materials, textile fragments and door plates.
Author Michael Zink draws attention to the connections between religion and nature; thus, defining the meaning of nature for the people in the middle ages. He
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It includes elements such as trees, grass, vines, animals, rocks, water, anatomy, resources, gemstones, birth weather and more. Medieval art uses elements of nature as a form of symbolism in many of the pieces. During the medieval ages allegories and motifs were seen in the natural world via the interpretation of plants and animals in bestiaries.

The Capital with facing lions is a limestone capital that features lions and swirling vines on three sides of the capital. The curved lines of the arched vines draw a connection to the delicacy of nature. Additionally, the artist uses the animal motifs of lions in order to represent the animal that can be found roaming throughout nature. The lions featured have sharp claws which suggest the dangers associated with animals found in the wild. The lions presented provide a recognizable visual symbol of a realistic lion. This object suggests the power of nature and the animals that lurk in the surrounding environment.

The Book of Hours Calendar pages: July is a manuscript that features multiple pages of prayers. The features iconographic cycles that are unique to each user. The book begins with a
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