Art: Art And The History Of Art

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Art Art, as confusing and complicated as it may seem, has a hidden meaning that is different for every individual based on the objects or expressions in the canvas. Art can be separated into four parts: painting, music, dance, and literature, but painting and music are the primary forms that are shown in society.Art has changed over time, and every time it changes, beneficial things happen to us. This development not only certain nations but the entire world. Art can be perceived in various ways. Not everyone understands how art functions, know what it is for, and why some people like it so much. One of the best effects that art can do for the mind is make us see things in another perspective. It makes us understand that the world does not go around us and that other person maybe is suffering more than us, so art makes us connect to our body, senses, and mind to say that life isn’t as chaotic and frantic as it seems. Art has changed a lot over the past couple thousands of years and now is really different from what it was at the beginning. But still, something about artwork that has never changed is the ability to make people adjust, makes things look different, and helps with business. The romanticism art era is one of the best eras for the history of art and one of most-well known art eras. The romanticism era started in the early 1800’s and ended in the late 1850’s. Romantic art can be obviously identified really quick because it focuses a lot on the skies, dramatic

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