The History of Art

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Art Art, as confusing and complicated as it may seem, has a hidden meaning that is different for every individual based on the objects or expressions in the canvas. Art can be separated into four parts: painting, music, dance, and literature, but painting and music are the primary forms that are shown in society.Art has changed over time, and every time it changes, beneficial things happen to us. This development not only certain nations but the entire world. Art can be perceived in various ways. Not everyone understands how art functions, know what it is for, and why some people like it so much. One of the best effects that art can do for the mind is make us see things in another perspective. It makes us understand that the world does not…show more content…
These two eras are just related in one way: there is not clear outlines or many details. The first question that could come out of your mind when you see a piece of impressionist art is if the artist was in a hurry. This type of paintings will have thick dabs and blobs of paint and you would have to take some steps back to see what the painting is about. Expressionism artworks are really exaggerated or distorted, as the same as impressionism, there could be dabs and blobs of paint. Pieces of this kind of art are really valuable because they marked the beginning of modern art. For example, the painting Starry Night by Van Gogh and The Scream by Edvard Munch are between $82 and $12 million…show more content…
Even if it does not convert on to this, it would be one of the best things the world can have. Demetri Martin once said, “ The earth without art is just eh…” Works Cited Caw, Mathew. “Why is Art Important.” Youtube, uploaded by Matthew Caw, 15 Dec. 2014 Culture, Guardian. “What is art for.” Youtube, uploaded by Guardian Culture, 24 Oct. 2016, Hummel, Terry. “Art is good for you and good for business.” Orlando Sentinel, 16 Mar. 2007, of-art-art-and-artists-orlando-museum. Accessed 3 Feb.

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