Art Austin Case Summary

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Summary of Art Austin Art Austin had just come home with his fiancé after getting food to go. His fiancé went to take a shower and his son was downstairs playing video games when the doorbell rang. Art answered the door to a woman who was asking for Art’s son. Art called for the son, but he never came up. The door busted open with three men with guns. The men threw down Art first, then his fiancé. There was a glass shattering sound and the son escaped through the window in the basement. That day Art lost his fiancé and had to learn to live with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Art suffered symptoms of anxiousness, numbing of body, and flashes of the incident. Art suffered form insomnia and was prescribed Trazodone by his doctor (Surviving Trauma and Tragedy, 2007). I will conduct an appropriate diagnosis, rule out disorders, assist Art in reducing stress,…show more content…
After observing Art’s diagnosis for PTSD, there are disorders that need to be noted because of similarities. The first disorder to rule out is F43.0 Acute Stress Disorder. Art meets most of the criteria presented; however the time frame does not match. Acute stress disorder has symptoms that occur immediately after the traumatic event and last up to a month (APA, 2013). We understand from the video, Art has been suffering with these symptoms for a lot longer then a month. The second disorder to rule out is F43.22 Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety. It is evident Art is experiencing anxiety due to a stress related disturbance, however the criteria does not fully match Art’s symptoms. Adjustment disorder states, marked distress that it out of proportion of the severity or intensity of the stressor (APA, 2013). I believe Art’s symptoms and stressors are in complete alignment with the traumatic event and are not out of proportion. Once I ruled out these two disorders, I was able to see PTSD as the right diagnosis for
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