Art By Glutton-Brock Summary

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Glutton-Brock begins his book by stating that the popular subject of discussion, what is art. He states “everyone now is thinking or talking about the nature of art and aesthetic experience.” The nature of art and of beauty is confusing while also exciting. The problem about defining the nature of art and defining art in an atheistic sense makes it hard to pinpoint where the problem lies. The only clear assessment about art is in the past was that if reflected what was happening during that era.Tolstoy wrote about what he thought art was he himself saw the important of art, and how people reduced its significance to nothing. Art exists for itself, it shouldn’t be judged on it value, but for the effects, it gives to humanity whether if be social, poetical, or moral.…show more content…
As human society has evolved humans have valued art, as humans we still see a reason at to why we should value art. Our enjoyment of art arises from the experience or experiencing that art. Art is something that should be felt in the moment and be spontaneous. People try experience art with the idea that it needs to enjoy in a certain way to get the full effect. This gives conflict to what art really is and what we as humans think is. Ironically to enjoy art we must unconsciously allow it to penetrate our should and enjoy without any inhibitions. There are many different interpolations to what we consider being a work of art, and there are many types of artwork. It 's believed that anything and everything that graces this earth is art. others argue that art takes talent, creativity, and vision to produce. Ultimately there isn’t a specific or concise definition of art that exists. Art is a reflection of a person 's ideas brought into the world through different mediums like photography, film, painting etc. Art originates back to the days of the Neanderthals with cave
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