Art Career Progression

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After many years, I have always wanted to pursue a career in the art field. I have always been drawing and ever since it has evolved into many aspects with my creativity and inspiration but now I would like to begin my pathway on to Illustration. I have experience of various fields including oil painting, photography, graphic design and visual communication, my course I am studying currently helps develop these skills and test different techniques. I feel that this work environment, the amount of learning and independence and deadlines benefits myself, I always find it to be a positive element since I have found I create my best work under pressure and because I enjoy art I spend my hours away from work practising and want to continue to be…show more content…
I feel now very comfortable with the software but before I advance more of my digital skills, I need to get my technical side and traditional area of art to a high standard, I know how important it is to have the fundamentals and core skills to be able to get far and I know progressing on to this course, I will be able experiment and become all rounded as an artist and create my own style in the process.

In year 10, I decided to get more of a creative work experience at NJlive which is creative events organisation. From my experience, not only did I get to see first-hand the way a creative business functions and what I could be doing in the future. I helped design posters for a beer campaigns and created presentations for their research on venues for an event to take place and personally got to visits their venues designed creatively for a specific
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I have studied French in school, I struggled for a while but I felt I came a long way in the process, I would love to continue to study languages as a curricular since it would be useful and break some of the language barrier. I feel language is very important in art as art is also a language, it is an expression and response to the world around us. It allows us to see ourselves and our surroundings differently, I take art very passionately and find it the only I can truly express myself rather than words. I look at the future hoping to travel and work abroad to be able to confidently express myself and produce Illustrations and concepts that will reflect well and engage with my
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