Literature During The Holocaust

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Students today listen to music, do art projects, and read literature all the time. During the Holocaust many people also did that. Many did it to escape their feelings or get their mind off of everything going on around them. The holocaust had many shootings and deaths. There were many people who wrote in diaries during the holocaust that are published now such as Anne Frank. When people think of the holocaust not many people think about how art, music, and literature played a major role during this time frame, but they really did. Art during the Holocaust and World War II was considered dark and depressing. Art was mostly created in Eastern Europe and wherever people were hiding. They didn't have color. They mostly used pencils or any object that would write around them. They didn’t use color back then because it wasn’t available. Art was often used as evidence to find murderers during the holocaust and World Wars. People often drew pictures of the people who attacked them. “Art was created in Eastern Europe because of the…show more content…
Many pieces of literature during the holocaust were diaries about their adventures. Many of these diaries were often turned into books. Many people also wrote letters to their loved ones during the holocaust. Literature was also used as evidence to find murders or people being hid and where they were being hit at. They would find out this information in diaries that may have been dropped or misplaced. Most of the time when people sent mail people would go through it and read the letters and find out their secrets. Many people found letters and diaries as a non-sense item. They thought this because they thought people would use it was a way to get sympathy. Many people who found diaries or journals would go through them to find out who they belong to and after the would arrest them because they figured they left it there so someone would run and help
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