Art Essay On Graffiti

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Art is everywhere, not just hung up on a wall inside of a museum. Art is a universal language, it is a part of everyday life, artists allow their imaginations to run wild and use everything around them as inspiration and the canvas for their art. Many artists work in a field called “street art” also known as graffiti. While many critics would argue that this a form of art vandalism, it is a recognized part of contemporary art (Marić, 2014). Graffiti is art because it is just one of many products of human creativeness and the imagination, it is a reflection of the artist’s passions, life experiences, and emotions, and lastly, graffiti is aesthetically pleasing. Imagination is defined as “a creative faculty of the mind or a vehicle of active creativity” (Hsu, 2015). A human’s ability to create is based on the person’s originality and other factors such as, their self-confidence and their persistence in the of barriers or criticism (Hsu, 2015). An artist, especially a street artist, needs to have the courage to create pieces of art in spite of critics from some art critics and the legal system. Street art or graffiti is considered…show more content…
Street art is just one of countless ways that people use their imagination to create beautiful, aesthetically pleasing works of art. For many artists, painting graffiti is the only way they feel that they can accurately express what they have lived through, what they are passionate about, and their emotions. Most street artists’ motives for creating there works of art are not so that they participate in deviant or criminal behavior. Therefore, graffiti or street art should not be considered criminal, but rather it should become a recognized art form. More cities should also begin setting aside designated buildings and walls, etc. and allow local street artists to freely produce their art, rather than condemning the people and their
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