Art Immersion In Art Education

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Chapman, S. (2015). Arts immersion: Using the arts as a language across the primary school curriculum. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 40(9), 86-101. This article is discussing the use of art immersion as a strategy responding to the challenges currently facing arts education in Australian primary schools and a means to maximize the education potential of arts education. This article discusses how arts education is being hindered in Australia because of high stake tests and reduced government funding; however, art immersion is a proposed strategy that is intended to be a team-teaching approach with the classroom teacher and the arts specialists in primary schools to improve the arts pedagogy. The article goes on to explain the benefits of a strong art education, the recent challenges for arts in current educational climate, the need for building teacher capacity in delivering a quality art education, personal experiences of author’s in creating and teaching the arts, and the discussion of arts as a language. This article is relevant to the course question because to best teach arts integration as effective teachers’ we need to have a clear understanding the possible challenges facing teachers’ when utilizing approaches that do not align with the current trends of teaching.
Duma, A. (2014). A view into a decade of arts integration. Journal for Learning through the Arts, 10(1), 2-18. This article is a view into a decade of arts integration by examining its
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