Art Immression: Modern Art And Art Of The Art Nouveau

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Art Nouveau By the late 1800 art in Europe had taken a decidedly academic turn, at that time, to be considered a serious and genuinely artist, individuals had to attend one of the many arts academies, they needed to commit to a rigorous study of line shape form and texture with the ultimate goal of producing idealized and realistic figures and landscapes. And of course, for all artists who did just that, some thought, academic art was rubbish and reacted accordingly, they believed that art isn’t meant to be studied like science or math, they thought, art is what came out from the inside feeling, from your heart not from brain, its flows from soul, twists through the consciousness and decorates life with its beauty. These rebel artist driven to impart their own style in the art world, they created their own significant style, praising a true beauty of nature, unlike the past, that most of artwork refers to religious. Therefore, a new modern era was born, known as ‘Art Nouveau’ which mean ‘New art’ in french, its last from approximately 1892-1910, moved away from imitation real subjects and move towards the flowing twisting lines and shapes of nature. Art Nouveau pieces are organic in their ornamentation featuring what many art historians call ‘Whiplash curve’ decorating every available surface, due to the opening a foreign relations with Japan, the flowing lines have Japanese woodblock print became a new inspiration of European artists, the simplicity, muted colors,

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