Art In The Harlem Renaissance

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How did the arts in the Harlem Renaissance lead to social change? Close your eyes, imagine that you are isolated from society, not from choice but because everybody else has dictated that you are an outcast of society and should not be an important part of society, you do not matter, your life is terrible. What if you and other people who have been isolated by society gathered and created forms of entertainment that helped and the people that you have met to get through the hard times and unites all of the people who are being isolated too. Now open your eyes, this is the start of the Harlem Renaissance. Renaissance means rebirth from french, this is a rebirth because it gave a new life for the African Americans. The Harlem Renaissance was sparked because of the terrible conditions that the African-Americans were lived in and worked in mainly the…show more content…
There are many different unique types of art that can all have a unique story to tell. In Meta Warrick Fuller’s painting called Talking Skulls. This image creates a vivid image of black women struggling to make any money at all and are in the worst of all jobs. This relates to the spark of the creation of the renaissance because it showed the struggle that black women had to overcome when living in the southern and they wanted a new life. But not just women had a struggle economically, even men did too. The painting called I am not a Man I am a Brother, emphasizes a forlorn mood of leaving the people who have been struggling in the slave industry and flee to the north are forsaking the other slaves that they were with. Presently, art does make themes and deeper meanings into a visual and solid form of art but music portrays a feeling that is not generated by the other types of art and can change the mood and reflect the mood of a
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