Rebirth In The Middle Ages

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The commencement of mankind opened up its eyes and realized its inner beauty and talents all started many years ago. It was called the Renaissance, the rebirth and eye opening time in which people appreciated and brought forth more initiative to be more creative when expressing outer and inner beauty. It wasn't only about beauty, people were more spontaneous and open minded. Man was seen as creative, full of energy and full of potential.
It all began with the Medieval times, a time in which man was viewed as unattractive, weak, frail and sinful. These times were a bit more dark than its neighboring eras in its near future. Medieval times believed in an afterlife, this was their main objective. Art was more preserved, people in paintings were
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Better known in French as “rebirth”, it was based off of ancient cultures of Greece and Rome. It was known as the rebirth because things changed from times before that were known as the middle ages. This was a time of happiness, full of colorful people and personalities throughout this era. In these times things began to change, the people and society around them began to evolve slowly and more excitingly. It is also the rediscovery of the high standards set by the Greeks and Romans. A group of Italian scholars who also study the time of the Renaissance are called humanist. They study the ancient languages Latin and Greek. Humanist also believed there was conflict in the medieval view. In the Renaissance they also had their own style of literature. The main language was Latin, these literature included things like religious themes and the afterlife. There were two styles of writing, one was known as vernacular, the common speech and the other which was called secular was about people’s daily lives and the world they live in. This was a similarity to the Medieval and middle aged times because they all believed in the afterlife. Some famous writers in this time were Boccaccio and Chaucer. Boccaccio wrote The Decameron which was written in Italian ( vernacular) and contained down to earth stories about everyday life in Florentine Italy. These works of literature were considered to be funny and sexy. Chaucer…show more content…
As I mentioned before about the middle ages and medieval times being dark, plain and in my opinion a tad bit boring. In the time of the Renaissance it was a new beginning to everyone. This meant things had to be colorful and full of life. They also rediscovered the beauty and art of the human body. Artist were painting portraits of people while they were nude in order to capture their physical beauty. Their paintings were also done with vivid colors and captured the details of the people in them. For example the masterpiece done by Leonardo Da Vinci capture the details and the beauty in each human being he painting with lots of attractive colors. He painted “The Last Supper” and “Mona Lisa”, both work of arts were created with such detail and focus on the face to show the people in it physical beauty. Another famous artist from the Renaissance was Michelangelo, he was the one who painted the ceiling in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel and sculpted David who was part of the Bible. The fascination of the human body was so popular that Michelangelo sculpted various naked bodies on the art piece he did in the Chapel. Later on clothes were painted on by another person due to the painting being too raw in the sense of nudity. Most of the themes were secular, full of flesh and involved human beings and their bodies which portrayed

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