Art Journal Cover Narrative

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Putting together the art journal cover, for me, was a great learning experience. I titled my cover, “Full Metal,” because I made it mostly out of metal. I adhered a piece of cardboard onto the cover first to provide the stiffness and thickness I was trying to achieve. I then decided to include wooden puzzle pieces under the tinfoil to represent the different pieces in my life that have made me who I am today. I connected some of the pieces together, and then intentionally left gaps in the puzzle to represent the missing pieces I have not added yet in my life. I also wanted to include different shapes, a maple leaf, and intricate wooden designs to add more depth to the cover. I then wrapped the cover in tinfoil tightly and pressed the shaped…show more content…
The next-door neighbor had a huge tree in his yard that produced very large, yet stinky, flowers. I remember his telling me once that it was a money tree, and that if I were to look under the tree, I would probably find money it had dropped. Sure enough, as I was searching the base of the tree, I found quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies. I was around five at the time, and became convinced the tree actually dropped the coins. I began my art entry by lightly sketching out the tree and the tree’s flowers. I then painted the tree gold using metallic paint, as well as the various flowers growing on the tree. I then cut out coins from a magazine and added them in the tree, as well as on the ground. I added a huge golden sun cut from gold tinfoil, crinkled it up for texture, and placed it in the center of the sky. I then painted the top portion of the sky gold to represent the sun’s light, then added a dark blue background, because I associate that color with depth and stability. I wanted a layer of green to add life and growth in the scene as well as to add a horizon point. I then completed the sun’s light under the ground. I added flowers growing all around the copper-tape boarder. I really enjoy the effect the gold flowers added to complete the balance of the gold sunlight; everywhere the sun’s light touches a flower can grow. After reflecting on the completed image, I feel as though it provided my adult self, insight on my childhood memories. In the image appears rich growth, and the fingers of the flower are reaching up for the greatest potential, almost touching the
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