Art Movie Project: Exit Through The Gift Shop

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Art Movie Project : Exit Through the Gift Shop
1. In a few sentences, summarize the main action of the film (and indicate the film you chose). This should be brief, think plot summary.
The main action was to show a filmmaker, group of artists and their opinion of their art in a whole. It gets kind of confusing because he starts to talk about these artists like they are the ones who make people wonder what their movement stands for, but near the end it transitions to a story about his life and being persuaded to be an artist like the rest. It shows a wannabe film maker into the graffiti artist he is today making album covers for Madonna and more.
2. Did you like the movie? Why or why not?
I liked the movie because I always wondered what
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What about this portrayal of the story makes it feel contemporaneous and up-todate?
(Why would someone be interested in it today?)
It is very up to date because the art is still new and fresh and still carries on today. It does get removed a lot though due to laws. The portrayal is kind of vague, but viewers still can be entertained by it still today. It is definitely for those who like new school art. Older folks tend to avoid it because they think it is vandalism. The art shows the image of propaganda onto the streets around them. It is a rebellion against the government and the rules they set. Graffiti art has not updated recently and the film is fairly recent, so they are up to date as we speak.
6. Would you recommend this movie to other students interested in learning more about this movement/artist? Why or why not?
I would recommend this movie to any student trying to learn a tad bit about what is behind these artists image. They will come to learn that it is rebellious and full of life and attracted others to see what the art means. This is for artists who like the more Contemporary Art. By this, I mean the newer more up to date art made today, not the old art which follow guidelines. Other students who like graffiti artists should watch this
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