Art Nouveau's Influence On The Modern Age

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Art nouveau was a trending art style that for some, was a way of life. The decorative art style was most popular from 1890-1910. Rene Lalique, a male French designer had a big impact on the era due to the popularity of his glass art, perfume bottles and jewellery, the essay will outline this in each section of his work. To start the essay, Art Nouveau will be discussed followed by explaining Rene Lalique and his background whilst discussing in depth his work and the repercussions of it on the era at the time. Art Nouveau Art Nouveau was a movement that’s main aim was to abolish the typical art style that was current before Art Nouveau. Artists took inspiration from both organic and geometric forms to evolve designs that united flowing, natural…show more content…
As an example the Bacchus Vase 1938 is one of his most iconic vases as the style of the vase separates from the rest as Lalique decided to use the design of Impressed Cyntars partially concealed into rows of ivy. Lalique still obviously using the same natural inspiration for this design and that quality of the vases implies it of a certain quality, pieces such as these in the time period gave the Art Nouveau the reputation of Elegance, Quality & excellence as it shows through Rene’ work. Conclusion- Its clear to see that in the era of Art Nouveau Rene Lalique one of many designers had a big impact of the style that the period tried to portray. The work of Lalique all showed the unique style had learnt form and early age and changed the look of Art itself. The designs he produced gave the Art Nouveau its name of class and a new art style the people of the period hadn’t experienced before due to the plain lifestyle they
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