Art Nouveau And Bauhaus Style Analysis

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Design has been and still is represented by a lot of movements, always evolving by the influences of older concepts but also by the apparition of new inspirations. Art nouveau and the Bauhaus style are two types of design which represents, for different reasons, important periods. If they are close from each other in time, they are, however, different in term of concepts, meaning and vision. The context in which they were created might explain more about those contrasts. According to G. Warren , the Art Nouveau style came around the beginning of the 20th century, it already existed before through the Arts and Crafts movement but definitely got its name at the “Exposition Universelle” in 1900. At this period a lot of people were welcoming the…show more content…
As stated earlier, it seems that the creations of Art nouveau seems to use muted and pale colours (example in Figure 3). As the creations used vegetations a lot of type green or blue colours are used. The colours seem to reflect an impression of calm or happiness and give a nice aesthetics to the picture they are on, giving an idea of something harmonious without being too strong and seeming to pop out of the picture. However, this is something that appears to be wanted for the Bauhaus style (Figure 4) as can be seen they are more dynamic and…show more content…
The Art Nouveau even if it was short is still present and appreciated in our generation by all the building or creations it had and are still there. However this era ended because of the expensive side of it. All of the creation which were crafted were destined and affordable for only a specific group of customer. Yet, its vision “form should follow function” might have inspired the designers of the following periods as they did not agree that Art Nouveau truly respected this idea. Dr. Jeanne S.M. Willette explained that, in the case of Art Nouveau form and function meant that the object should display its function and that ornament was here to express this function in some sort but also to . The Bauhaus style is still present in the way of thinking of current designer as now minimalistic is still used

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