Art Of Respect

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The Art of Respect

You are walking down the street on a warm, sunny day. You pass a homeless man wearing all of his belongings. He is holding up a sign that reads “Anything helps.” You are about to pass him without making eye contact. “Good day!” He says. You turn your head and see him smiling. You stumble back.

“Umm.. Good day?” You reply. He asks how you are and sets his cardboard sign down. “I.. I am good, you?”

“Good! It sure is a beautiful day out isn’t it?” He replies. You nod and smile. You start fishing around in your pocket for some cash and find a $5 bill. It’s not much but hopefully it helps. You hand the bill to the man. He smiles and thanks you for your generosity. With a big smile on your face you keep walking and thinking
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They ask if you can sub for Mrs. Smith tomorrow. You agree. You glance at your watch 6:47. You need to get dinner started. As you sit down with your steak to watch TV you remember how disrespectful Mrs. Smith’s class is. Well maybe it will be better this time. You hope. You finish your steak and your movie and get ready for bed. Beep beep beep! Your alarm sounds at 7:00 am. “ Ugh time to get ready for work, I hope they are better this time.” You mumble. You get out of bed and stumble to your closet. Jeans, a tee-shirt, and a cardigan seems like a pretty good outfit you think. You get in the car and drive to work. You walk into the class five minutes late, you were expecting the kids the be sitting and quietly chatting but no. The kids were going crazy! They were throwing things and writing on the whiteboard. They were on their phones and also seemed to be playing tag! “Stop!” You yelled out. The kids dropped their things in shock.…show more content…
“Yeah!” A girl agreed.

“Sit down.” You calmly said. “Today we are going to have a quick lesson on respect.” The kids looked at eachother and quietly sat down. “ So, was what I walked into today very respectful?” You say as you erase the board.

“No Ms. Jones” The class simultaneously said.

“Good, now what would have been the respectful thing to do?” You ask. The students blankly stared at her. Maria raised her hand.

“Um, I think we should have been sitting and quietly talking or reading.”
“Good Maria!” You replied. The rest of the day the class quietly and respectfully. At the end of the day each of the kids walked out of the class and waved goodbye to you. Satisfied with your work you turned off the lights of the class, locked the door and went home.

This is the art of respect. Respect is a very important thing in our world and our society has been losing it
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