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The theme of my art project is “REFLECTION”. My initial thought when I began to consider this theme, was to explore aspects of reflection and try to stay away from the conventional definition of reflection, as in reflecting something onto or off a surface. Through research I came across the idea of the reflection of one’s mind. I then decided to explore into ideas associated with Buddhism and the principles and values related with Buddhism as inner reflection or meditation is central to the philosophy.
The initial reason that I chose to follow the idea of the reflection of one’s mind and Buddhism is because in grade 10 I was briefly introduced to Thangka painting (a form
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His artwork had an impact on my artistic process as well as my creations because his artwork shows two forces joining and creating this energy that becomes attached to people. As seen in the series “Galactic Resonance” (fig 3) Grey’s work is filled with vibrant colour and this was why he influenced me. I felt that the colour in his artworks had the ability to draw the viewer in and that is why I decided to use food colouring in my final artwork so that my artwork would resonate with people. Grey’s psychical subject matter did not influence me but more the symbolism behind it. The majority of his artworks depict the unity of two or more things, not only two people becoming unified but rather the fact that there is light that radiates through each artwork and the being within the creation accepts thus light and become one with it. This was extremely influential because as I researched deeper into Buddhism and its ideals, I found that finding and accepting enlightenment was the pinnacle of what Buddhism is all…show more content…
When researching this form of Buddhism I found that the depiction of the Buddha’s always seemed so peaceful and at ease and I generally just found them beautiful. Majority of the depictions I saw were sculptures that are not over powered by an extravagant background and are often put in a naturalistic environment which I believe creates an emphasis on the Buddha itself . This influenced my work as I wanted my Buddha’s to be the focal point of my creation. I didn’t want an extremely detailed and colourful background to overpower my depiction of the Buddha.
Therefore the three influences above have had an extremely influential effect on my work as I have been able to take and adapt characteristics of each influence and make them apart of my very own
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