Art Reflection Analysis: Zoom In On Plant

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This lesson is called Zoom in on Plants can be considered an art integration lesson as it is integrated with a science unit on plants (i.e. shape, color, texture, etc.). Students’ will learn about the art of digital photography while exploring plants and the different parts of the plant. Students’ will specifically learn about famous photographers, the basics techniques of taking digital pictures, and about the different parts of the plant. Students’ will need to take different scene modes (i.e. close up, auto, panorama, etc.) pictures of a variety of plants. Students’ will then pick their favorite photo and present it to the class and discuss why they choose the plant, why they picked the specific scene mode, discuss in details about the plant and plants parts, etc. This lesson stuck out to me because it is a lesson that includes movement and outdoor time. I find that students’ spend so much time sitting in a desk and this is causing boredom and disinterest to learning. I love how the lesson has students’ learning about the different scene modes because this allows them to experiment which is really important in both art and science. I also think that this lesson would appeal to the students’ because it is very real-world. The majority of the students’ are familiar with cameras and taking pictures. This lesson art connection of visual arts can be applied to this lesson. Students’ could take everything they learn about plants and draw a picture rather than take a

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