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Before starting our Art History course, I had an interest in ancient culture and art that I hoped to cultivate and mature by choosing this class. My impressions of ancient Greece was one of elegant cultural sophistication in a society that thrived on education and advancement. The mythos and art of the Greek peoples has at once a romantic and spiritual energy to it. I always admired their history and wished I could see their enormous statues and unparalleled architecture in person. The while colored marble they used particularly appeals strongly to my senses, and I wish I could touch it when I think of it, and in my mind 's eye can visualize Athens and other ancient places as breathtaking, places that would inspire a person to imagine were beloved by the gods. My thoughts on ancient Greece has not changed so much as additions have been made as a result of my studies. I spent a lot of time reading about their artistic practices and architecture. Their level of commitment to make sure that every detail and small carving is carefully considered in order to best honor the purpose of the creation is astonishing and even more dedicated than I had previously believed. For instance, I had briefly heard of the great statue of Athena which used to be in the Parthenon temple, but was amazed to learn that it was so massive and made so meticulously from ivory and gold, which must have been exceedingly costly and rare materials. Additionally, it is remarkable how much time must have been

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