Art Reflection

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As a kid I had learned to converse in the English language by observing my parents. I would do so by connecting the words spoken by my parents to the actions that followed the words spoken. I had also learned how to operate certain devices by observing the way my parents had operated those devices, for instance the microwave. Early man had learned how to start a fire through experimentation. Early man had started a spark after banging two rocks together for some time, they realised that the fire kept warm and thus stored the knowledge of how to start a fire. The key words in the statement include knowledge, passive observation, and active experimentation. Knowledge is usually defined as an information that is gained through education or through various experience. Here education refers to information gained through passive observation and experience provides a reference to information obtained through active experimentation. According to the statement made above, since the very beginning we have obtained all information either through experimentation with the aid of science or through observation of nature. The areas knowledge which I would draw from this statement would be the arts, history and the natural sciences. I would relate the art to the collection of knowledge through the observation of the surrounding environment. Art is something we observe and judge, art can be both deep and entertaining. It brings a sense of fulfilment to the mind of the viewer; it can both

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