Art: The Influence Of Art In Our Life

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It is commonly known that arts have a huge impact in our lives. We can not think life without art. Art can increase the skills of thinking, help you solve the problem easily. For example, the music we listen can effect the way thinking and speaking as well. The art also brings diversity and happiness into our lives. Because of the many different forms of art, we can learn something and entertain at the same time. For example, when we go to the theatre, we can get a lesson, and have fun at the same time. We can not deny the effect of art in our lives. First of all, we will see the definition of art. What does art mean? Actually there are several ways to describe the meaning of it but we can say that art is craft and skill, which means “ars” in Latin language. The art reflects the human expression, mostly influenced by literature, culture, history and philosophy. We can divide the art into 3 types. Firstly, aural arts contain music, literature. When we hear a song or a poem, it raises the feelings inside and we try to establish a connection with the lyric of song or poem. We see or hear ourselves in that arts. For example, when we read a book, we replace themselves with a character and make an empathy. Secondly, dramatic arts contain theatre, dance, ballet, opera and cinema. For example, When we go to the cinema or theatre, we see the reflections of our lives in every way. These arts actually shows the real us. With the scenes that are created, it shows how we

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