Art Therapist Job Analysis

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I looked at the Labor Statistics Outlook Handbook Website to summarize the job prospects for the following fields Art Therapist- “A graduate degree that includes standards developed by the American Art Therapy Association—coursework includes psychopathology, diagnosis and assessment, principles of art therapy, ethics and standards of practice, and normal developmental sequence” (BLS)There is the requirements of “Professional Registration is offered by the Art Therapy Credentials Board. To qualify as a registered art therapist, an individual must complete a minimum of 1,000 direct client contact hours in addition to the educational requirements.” (BLS) Many of these jobs are not many jobs listed under the title “Art Therapist”, but ““If you’re looking just for art therapy jobs, you might not find too many,” says Raja. “But if you’re looking for community jobs where you can apply what you’ve learned, which for me meant considering licensed professional counselor positions, there a lot more options are.”(BLS) The median income for this job is $55, 900 (BLS) and the Bureau of Labor does not collect data on Art therapists, it is mostly estimated. (BLS) Early Childhood Special Educator- This position has great potential with a national employment of 28, 140 persons (BLS) This job requires the…show more content…
Approximately 140 institutions offer master’s degree level programs and 5 offer doctoral degree level programs. “(Personnelcenter) You must obtain a license to practice by the National Board for the Certification of Occupational Therapy (Personnelcenter) plus supervised clinical work for approximately 16 weeks plus the study of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, neurology, psychology, human growth and development, occupational therapy theory and treatment techniques, and the impact of disability on daily life and work skills.
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