Art Therapy Case Study

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The professional who are a registered art therapist, nurses and physicians participated in the study. The study started between 2003 until 2005. Due to they have professional skills, sufficient resources and time, they can provide detailed conclusions that more credibility and reliability. What was the purpose of the study and what target client group would benefit from the program? Art therapy is the one of the complementary therapies bring the positive effect to patients during treatment. Is a causal relationship established between the program and the outcomes? Explain, using proof from the articles. Yes, the art therapy helped patients to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. During the art therapy, cancer patients felt interested and relax. Thought the Edmonton Symptom…show more content…
This session required patients speaking English, have emotional intact and being able to join with 60 minutes session. Does the article describe a typical session? If yes, describe. What are the consequences of including or omitting the description of a typical session? Yes, the art therapy session presented by patients’ goals and chosen an appropriate art therapy activity for patients. One of the session, patients finished one hour art activities and the art therapist assisted them to chose an appropriate program. However, majority of patients were not interested in the art therapy program and did not want to explain too much about the treatment. Were there any challenges to implementing this program? Examples could be high number of staff needed, expense, unforeseen risk to clients. There were no any challenges to implementing this program. What methods were used to evaluate the success of the program or prove the hypothesis? This study proved the hypothesis which some of the patients they like to do the art therapy again. Some patients did not like the art therapy, but it can help patients to release their
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