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Title: How Art Therapy Relieve the Grief of Children Facing Bereavement?
Wong Lok Sum, UID: 3035487726

This paper describes the trend and facilitators of art therapy in this modern society. The issue of bereavement will also be pinpointed, focusing on children below the age of 18 who face bereavement of their beloved person. Regarding the relationship between art therapy and grief of children under bereavement, there will be interpretations on how art therapy relieves the grief of children facing bereavement.

Art Therapy for bereaved children
Nowadays, there is a booming contemporary therapy with combination between art and therapy: Art Therapy. It was not known until the 1940’s: the time
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Through drawings and creating a loss map in art therapy, bereaved children can experience and identify the loss. They may remember and think about all memories with the bereaved person. They may also remember some regret or sadness before and after the bereavement of the person they love.

The counsellor can choose story-telling as a part of art therapy. Using stories that simulate bereavement that children encountered can enhance their understanding and acceptance towards bereavement. Art therapy takes a vital role to help children understand bereavement issues, alleviating emotional upheaval brought by misconceptions. Hence children are easier to accept reality of bereavement.

Second, art therapy helps children facing bereavement to walk through the pain in grief. By showing the pictures and stories about death, such as photo of a dead bird, the message: ‘death and loss are inevitable in different stages of life and death’, can be easier to be conveyed. More mature children may also be able to further understand that the death of bereaved person was inevitable and
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Bereaved children may create booklets interpreting the relationship with bereaved person, making all wishes and delivering messages to that person. For example, in the case study, a ‘Goodbye and Hellos Book’ was constructed, recording all joyful memories. There were wishes taken as a precious gift to the child’s bereaved person. Constructing booklets as an artwork helps turn children’s bereavement into booklets and into heart. This act helps them retain their memories, and at the same time, helps them further get out of
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