Post Impressionist Period In Art Analysis

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The Post- Impressionist period follows the Impressionist period by splitting artist into two sides. Some artist felt that the artwork during the Impressionist period may have been too sketchy and lacked formal structure (Frank, 2014). Still, other artist thought there was too much emphasis on objective observations, which caused a lack of personal expression and spiritual content (Frank, 2014). To examine both types of art methods, I choose an example of both kinds of artwork, which are displayed in the same organization, the Art Institute of Chicago. The first artwork is A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, by Georges Seurat in 1884, and features a systematic and “scientific” technique. The second is Day of the God, by Paul Gauguin in 1894, and utilizes…show more content…
One of the styles used by this group of artists relied on a verity cultural influences, self-knowledge and inner life (Frank, 2014). One of the most influential artists that used this style was Paul Gauguin who painted Day of the God. Gauguin used influences from Tahiti, island rituals, Southeast Asia, and Christianity to create the Day of the God (The Art Institute of Chicago, 2013). Gauguin said he used colors as a language of dreams to convey his message (Frank, 2014). Paul Gauguin 's style was very expressive and thought-provoking. Day of the God was painted with oil on canvas. The artwork depicted a Tahitian beach with island rituals and people, a Southeast Asian god figure, a reference to Eve from the Bible as well as a bold arrangement of colors (The Art Institute of Chicago,…show more content…
They are very different in their approach and the meaning. I feel Seurat used a tremendously intricate style that represents a scene that you may see any day that you go to a park during that time. I think Gauguin expressed a plethora of cultures all at once to signify what he was thinking at the time. It would appear that he had a traveler spirt and a lot on his mind. But when considering both pieces of art, there is no doubt that the each set a high standard that brought stimulating interpretations for us to learn from
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