The Dehumanization Of Art In Virginia Woolf's Literature

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There exists one common street art utopian proverb that states “Earth without art is just ‘eh’”. A simple saying to address what seems to be the generally agreed belief that art is able to fulfil the empty spaces of our lives. Art helps us overcome difficult moments, it evades our minds and makes us travel from one place to another without moving an inch. It broadens our minds and makes us look at the world from a different perspective.
But art is not only that. It is connected with every single detail of the human experience, it is connected to life and is able to go beyond what we are able to perceive at first glance, thus showing what otherwise would be hidden.
Because of its multiple abilities, art has been used by many writers in order
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I do not mean that Woolf´s concerns are not present nowadays, but I must explain that whereas some of the issues she deals with are somehow different in our present-day society because of the gap of years that separates the contemporary reader from the writer, the issues with which Ishiguro deals with have become precisely more present in the last few years. Hence, the inequalities between men and women displayed in Woolf´s To the Lighthouse, seem to be overcome in Ishiguro´s work, in which the most important issues do not have so much to do with the distinctions among genders, as with the postmodernist questions about what it means to be human, and what makes us humans.
Thus, the main purpose of this essay is to demonstrate the important role that art plays in the works of these two writers as well as to show how, by means of art, it is possible to explore complex issues in literature -in Woolf´s case the aforementioned inequality among genders (an inequality that is still present in our society) and in Ishiguro´s case issues that have to do with the abusive use of technology. This is what I will explain in the section that I have named “Two words, two times, but art
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I this section I will explain which of the characters of the novels relate to art and the way in which they relate to it. In that way, I intend to show not only the omnipresence of this element in the novels but also the importance that it possesses at different levels. In some cases, art will help our characters (in the same way it helped the authors) at a personal level provided they are in need of solving any kind of inner struggle, in others, art will be seen as something that is practised just with the mere idea of enjoying about
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