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“It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed.”- Art Wolfe. An amazingly impressive photographer, Wolfe captures and conveys photographs of the earth’s most captivating images. He is primarily known for photographing landscapes of nature, wildlife, and different cultures. Traveling to the farthest places to capture organically powerful and artistic photos that reflect our earth’s natural wonders. What I admire about him is the pure strength of his photographs, his vision, the journey he takes to find the photographic art he portrays, and what he represents entirely - as a multifaceted professional photographer.

For forty years Art Wolfe has taken photographs of beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and cultures across the world. In regards to “conservation photography, - Wolfe was practicing it before it was conceived. Bringing awareness and preservation to our environment through art” Wallis Annenberg, Founder/CEO Anneberg Foundation. His famous images also include “theatrical human canvas, human nudes, and tribal communities with cultural decoration.”

Art Wolfe was born September 13, 1951 in the city of
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One in fine arts, and the other in Art Education. He initially started as a painting artist and evolved into photography as his choice for art. His first book, Indian Baskets of the Northwest was published just 3 years later. He has since then published more than 65 books. He also has a documentary series titled Travels to the Edge, with Art Wolfe in his portfolio that won the 2007 Programming Excellence Award. Additionally, his works are featured in the Smithsonian, Natural Geographic, and magazines across the world. Art Wolfe currently has a world famous book Earth is my Witness which has corresponding programs that include presentations, planetarium shows, and instructional
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