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Artemis is a female ancient Greece god. She is famous because she was worshiped by many people of ancient Greece. She is the goddess of child birth and female maturation, she is the virgin goddess. She wants her followers to life a life of “purity”. Many young girl that are going to get married pray to her. Although they are not our god it is good to understand what the people of ancient Greece believed in.Artemis was born with Apollo, her twin brother. Her father is Zeus and her mother is Leto. Artemis and her twin brother, Apollo, fought with the side of the gods against the giants and the titans. Artemis and her brother, Apollo also killed the children of Noble. Noble is the queen Thebes. The children were killed because Noble was boasting that she has more children the Leto. Artemis is armed with a bow and a quiver or arrows. Artemis has done many bad in her life but she can help too. She protects animals but sometimes she gives off diseases. She has many good and bad things.Artemis has many myths about her. One of those myths is that she used her bow to shoot one of her followers named Callisto. She was shot because she was impregnated by Zeus. This…show more content…
Callisto was then turned into a bear as a punishment. Another one of Artemis myth is that Artemis used to have a hunting companion. Actemis was her companion. Once Artemis was bathing and Actemis saw her. This lead for him to want to rape the goddess, Artemis. As a punishment, Artemis turned him into a stag and his own hounds killed him. These were somethings about Artemis the god of the hunt and the moon, the goddess of child birth and fertility. It is important to know about these things to understand the past, during the Greece time. Artemis was the god that loved no man or women. The god of purity. She did many things like turn people into animals and also sided with the

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