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Artemis, Goddess of the Moon In the midst of an otherwise completely black sheet of darkness, lies the existence of what we call the moon. This massive, gray sphere of a rock has inevitably woven itself to become an essential part of human lives. Quite frankly, it is impossible for life on Earth if the moon was not orbiting the planet, and for centuries, people have acknowledged its importance. Supernatural beings were created to be associated with it, beings that people called gods. The ancient Greeks for example, also had a patron over the moon. For them, there were twelve major gods, who dwelled in the heavens at the top of Mt. Olympus. Each god served a role of their own, and specialized in a single type of power that made each of them…show more content…
Unfortunately, due to these infinite affairs, his wife, Hera (also the goddess of childbirth and marriage) grew in envy, and sought to relieve her rage upon all of his paramours. Likewise, Leto also received the goddess’ wrath for being with Zeus and getting impregnated. Hera cursed her, decreeing that she was not to give birth anywhere under the sun, thus intending for Leto to forever bear her children within her. Many of the gods pitied her, but few could help her. Finally, Poseidon, the god of the sea, revealed to Leto of an unknown land, fitting of Hera’s descriptions. It was an island whose waves constantly crashed about its sand, causing it to never attain a stable position. As Leto stepped onto the island, it finally stabilized and stood in a fixed position. It was on this island, the island of Delos, that Leto could finally give birth. On her tenth day upon arriving at Delos, Leto finally gave birth. From her womb came the birth of a goddess, who was to be the goddess of the moon, the hunt, and the protector of all young maidens. The name given to this child, was Artemis. However, she was not the only God born that day. Legends say that the young goddess immediately served as her mother’s midwife right after birth. She helped to deliver her twin brother, Apollo, god of the sun, music, medicine, poetry, and…show more content…
She punished those that threatened this purity to maidenhood, whether it was her followers or to herself. There were several occurrences in which she released her rage and punished those that threatened to taint vowed purity. For instance, there was once a man by the name of Actaeon, who went out hunting with several of his hounds. He wandered off into the woods alone, and accidently caught the goddess while she was bathing. The man lingered for a while, captivated by the sight of the goddess and the nymphs with her. Enraged that she was seen naked by a man, Artemis turned him into a stag. Actaeon’s hounds eventually found the stag, but they attacked it without realizing that it was their master, resulting in his death. Men were not the only ones to be punished by Artemis, however. Yet another story featured one of Artemis’ nymph companions named Castillo. Being that she was a companion of Artemis, she vowed to always stay a virgin. Although Castillo made the vow, that did not stop Zeus from diverting his attention to the young nymph, though. He morphed into the form of Artemis to seduce and assault her, which led to her pregnancy. Castillo managed to give birth to her son, Arcus, afterwards. Artemis eventually found out about the pregnancy, and turned Castillo into a bear in rage for going against her vows. It was said that Arcus nearly killed his mother, mistaking her for a bear. Fortunately, Zeus

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