Artemi Artemis: The God Of Art

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Artemis was an interesting, strong, and independent goddess. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto; her twin is Apollo, who is also known as the god of music. (D’Este 74). Artemis is the goddess of hunting, animals, and nature (Atsma). The whole time Leto was pregnant with Artemis, she was pursued and taunted by the jealous goddess, Hera, who was the wife of Zeus at the time. (Atsma). To escape and avoid harm, Leto found safety on the small and private island of Delos (Atsma). Shortly after Artemis’ birth, she knew she was destined to not only protect the innocence of nature, but targeted young women and girls and bring them disease and illness (Atsma). Her twin, Apollo, is the protector of young men and boys, but targets them as well (Atsma).…show more content…
She is commonly seen wearing a white, clean robe or a dress. Her brother, Apollo, was pictured with a golden lyre and he was also known to shoot a silver bow. Apollo was also considered to be the god of science because he was highly intelligent.
Artemis’ sacred animal, also known as an image, is a deer, but it is just as common to see a bear or guinea-fowl as well (Atsma). Her chariot is drawn by does, also known as female deer (Atsma). She represents female divinity, while her brother represents male divinity
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