Arthritis Case Summary

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The client is a fairly active 21 year old with no chronic illnesses other than a diagnosis of arthritis as a child. He is 6 feet tall (72 inches) and weighs 216.4 pounds (98.2 kg). His BMI is 29.3, which puts him in the overweight category. The client has an extensive list of chronic diseases found in his family history. His paternal grandfather died of leukemia, but prior to that had won battles against lung cancer and colon cancer, maternal grandmother died of a brain tumor, paternal grandfather died of a heart attack, and both parents have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The client tries to work out 4 times a week on average. He does split weight training, high intensity interval training, and cardio for his physical activity. The clients reports having noticed a weight gain of about 6-8 lbs per year over the past 5 years. He claims that he has tried several times in the past to lose excess weight, but there is little to no progress. His goal is to be in the desired weight range of 195-200 lbs. He admits that he believes his struggle to lose excess weight is due to poor dietary choices and inability to take in the correct amount of calories. The client was very active as a teenager. He engaged in sports such the swim team and volleyball team. He recalls taking a break from sports his Junior year of highschool, which was due to sudden…show more content…
I would check blood pressure to check for hypertension or early hypertension. I would check glucose in order to check that the client is not in a prediabetic state, since both of his parents have type 2 diabetes. The client’s BMI indicates that he is overweight, I would check the lipid profile to screen for abnormalities in cholesterol and triglycerides. I would check for Hemoglobin A1C because if the number is high, it could indicate that the client has
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