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About 85% of all animals on the planet are part of the scientific group called Arthropods. Some Arthropods are shrimp, crayfish, krill, barnacles, scorpions, spiders, insects, centipedes, mites, ticks, lobsters and crabs. You can tell that an animal is an arthropod because all arthropods have more than one body segment , a body segment is a body part like the abdomen like a whale for example a whale has one solid body that is not split into separate parts. This means that they have a body made up of more than one section, flies have three separate body sections . Another way you can separate animals and arthropods is that they can have many legs the average spider has six legs and a millipede has lots of legs up to thousands! Another way…show more content…
Arthropods can live in water and land. The average size of an arthropod (arthropoda) (sometimes preferred)is very small, usually only sea and water animals can get to big or large sizes. One of the very big crabs has gotten to 14 lbs (pounds) and spands 3.56 meters 62.4 centimeters up to four feet in length. The larger crustaceans, lobsters, and crabs are used as food throughout the world which can be used to solve hunger and they feed many homes and people, it is good that we chomp down on these and not a smaller group of specific animals, because if we did so that specific group would gradually taper and there would be more arthropods if we didn’t stop eating them they could take over the world, and they just taste good! In conclusion the arthropod group is an amazing and they are amazing to research, again they have more than one body section usually and hopefully more than two legs they are also cold blooded their body temperature adapts by their surrounding heat if it is cold than their body temperature is cold and if it is warm then there body temperature will become cold,they are amazing creatures, and I definitely want to learn more about them,some random interesting facts I learned on the way are, that there are millions of

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