Arthur Agee's Tragic Hero In The Film Hoop Dreams

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The movie Hoop Dreams traced a poor young talented African American, named Arthur Agee from grade eight to college. Arthur hoped to play professional basketball in the future to help his family to escape poverty. Despite the fact that his family is poor, and the neighborhood he lived in, were disadvantaged to him to pursue his goal in many ways. Firstly, Arthur showed great determination to play professional basketball, and he would like to lead his family out of poverty. Secondly, his ability to adapt to difficult circumstances, played a significant role toward his success in basketball. For Author playing basketball, it is not only a fun activity for him; it also acted as a tool to help Author’s family to escape poverty. Arthur Agee was…show more content…
For example, “St. Joseph’s tuition fee increased during his sophomore year” (Steve James). “In addition, Bo Agee got laid off from his job” (Steve James). Next, Arthur encountered another problem. Since "Arthur’s balance for tuition was never taken care of in his freshman year” (Steve James). “Consequently Arthur owed the school with 1500 dollars"(Steve James). Then, Arthur could no longer attend St, Joseph high school. After that “St. Joseph high school refused to release his transcript, until the 1500 dollars is paid off”. When his family finally paid off the 1500 dollars, “he finally attended to a public school called Marshall near his home” (Steve James). At that time, he was suffering with such financial crisis and emotional shocks, but he complained about his lift. Instead, the movie showed that he quickly adapted Marshall high school’s new culture, tradition, and the students’ behaviors. Most importantly, he never gave up on his dream playing professional basketball. In his senior year, “Arthur led his team to win the 1991 public league championship. Therefore, it is clear that Arthur has a strong adaptability to adapt any kinds of situations in life, and this adaptability ultimately changed his life

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