Arthur Leigh Allen: The Zodiac Killer

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In the late 20th century the Zodiac Killer terrorized the Bay Area threatening police chiefs to an entire bus full of children. On July 31, 1969, Zodiac sent 3 letters to the press informing them that he was a serial killer and he had killed multiple people. From that point, the police had to deal with thousands of suspects brought forward. However, there is only one suspect that had the means, motive, and opportunity to commit the murders, Arthur Leigh Allen. He is the primary suspect in the case the entire time and fit every description of the Zodiac there is. He is closely linked to all of the killings and letters. Although the case hasn’t been closed, he is the Zodiac Killer.
Allan’s connections with the Zodiac killer began on October 30, 1966 in Riverside California. On that day Cheri Jo Bates was brutally murdered. Allen was in Riverside at …show more content…

This killing was confirmed to be the Zodiac’s in a letter sent to the press where he disclosed the type of bullet used; a fact only he and the police could know. This specific type of ammunition was found in Arthur Leigh Allan’s house during a 1991 warranted search of his home. Allen was extremely stressed and under pressure around this time because of his birthday, December 18 and Christmas, December 25. He could have possibly killed to relieve stress because the 20th is just in the middle of 2 stressful events . This is also the time he received a Zodiac watch from his mom. The Zodiac brand’s logo is the exact same as the crosshairs the Zodiac killer signed his letter to the press with. On January 1st of 1969 Allen told Don Cheney about his plan to kill couples at random, taunt the police with letters , call himself the Zodiac, changing his appearance to hide from the police, and detailing how he would kill people in different ways. He explained this under the false premise of “writing a

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